Mar Chrysostom College of Education (B.Ed) is owned and governed by the Diocese of Marthandam. The founder of the college is Most. Rev. Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom, the former Bishop of Marthandam Diocese. At present Most. Rev. Vincent Mar Paulos Diocese is the chairman and the managing director the Bishop of Marthandam Diocese, Managing Director.

The General Body consists of 33 members with the Bishop as the Chairman. The Genera body meets at least once a year or as and when required. The Vicar General is the secretary and the Convener of the General Body. The Body strives hard to translate the vision of the Diocese into action plans. It actively involves in the process of planning and evaluating the educational policies and evolving new ones. It brings for the new policies and guidelines and reviews their implementation. The term of office for the elected and nominated members is five years. Their are 14v members in the Executive body.